Summer Aerial Photos of Our Farm

July 5, 1998

These are some aerial photos I took with a 110 pocket camera attached to the side of my electric Sig Riser 100 sailplane. More details on the plane and camera can be found in my article, A Collection of Aerial Photos.

These are some of my earliest attempts at R/C aerial photos, and they are now a bit outdated, since we’ve expanded the barn and built a new riding arena since the time these were taken.

If you enjoyed these photos, you might also want to take a look at A Collection of Aerial Photos and Winter Aerial Photos.

There are also some very interesting aerial photos taken from a full-scale airplane in my Aviation Photo Gallery.

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  1. charlie
    April 08, 2009

    Excellent articles and super pics of your place. Thanks for sharing them. I live on the Columbia River in southwest Washington USA.

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