Fountain Pens and Mechanical Watches

I didn’t plan on becoming a fountain pen collector. I really didn’t. I’ve always had at least one fountain pen since 1976, but I’ve never had more than four at once. Suddenly in late 2010, I started to acquire more of them. I don’t recall what triggered that new-found interest, but it was certainly helped along by The Fountain Pen Network (FPN), an on-line forum for fountain pen enthusiasts. I now have a collection of about twenty pens.

One thing leads to another, and an FPN post advertising a mechanical hand-wound Russian chronograph watch got me curious about another tool from a bygone era. I didn’t buy that watch, but I did find a similar one a few months later, and have picked up a few more since then. Many of these watches require service, and I’ve found working on them as enjoyable as wearing them.

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