Aristo Multilog Nr. 970 Simulator

Click button to flip rule over. Use mouse to move slide or cursor.

  LL00(e-0.001x):     K(x3):     A(x2):         B(x'2):     T(arctan 0.1x'): °
T(arccot 0.1x'): °
    ST(arc 0.01x'): °
    S(arcsin 0.1x'): °
S(arccos 0.1x'): °
    C(x'):         D(x):     DI(1/x):     LL0(e0.001x):

  LL01(e-0.01x):     LL02(e-0.1x):     LL03(e-x):     DF(πx):         CF(πx'):     CIF(1/πx'):     L(log x'):     CI(1/x'):         LL3(ex):     LL2(e0.1x):     LL1(e0.01x):

This simulator is based on the impressive collection of Pickett slide rule simulators by Derek Ross. Derek has given me permission to use his JavaScript code, which I have enhanced to add the digital readouts of the scales that you see above. The movable parts of the slide rule are implemented using the Drag & Drop for Images and Layers library.

Because of the level of detail needed to accurately represent a slide rule, this simulation is best viewed full-screen on a high-resolution wide-format display to get the full effect of using a slide rule. It will work on smaller displays too, but you'll need to scroll back and forth in order to see the entire rule.

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